Books and Works-in-Progress

No matter which of Kimia’s books you read, you’ll find an emphasis on family relationships, “what-if” questions, and a God-centered worldview.

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Transmutation of Shadow

Everyone thinks I’m a murderer just because I killed somebody…

 Part sci-fi, part spy thriller, part mystery – all adorable and quirky…this story is currently in its third draft, heading for publication this year!

White Mesa Chronicles

Books and Works-in-Progress — Kimia Wood

Original image of Chicago skyline courtesy of Tyler Sichelski/Wikimedia Commons

An expanding series of life fifty years after the collapse of society, following Tommy Thaxton and his militia team as they deal with gangsters, ferals…and political visionaries.

Hayes and Hayes

A novel part mystery, part romance — now available in all formats from Amazon or Smashwords!

Books and Works-in-Progress — Kimia WoodA broke private investigator needs the help of his paraplegic younger brother the solve the death of a government agent for the agent’s beautiful widow.

Sons of the King

Books and Works-in-Progress — Kimia Wood

Step into the ninth century and explore a world where kings have the God-ordained duty to punish murderers…a woman barters her own self-worth to protect her children…and the apathetic, do-nothing crown prince is much more than he seems.

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