First Look: “Hayes & Hayes”

IMG_7031When a struggling PI gets the case of his life from a beautiful widow, he must reconcile his growing care for her with his dedication to his wheelchair-bound little brother.

Thus reads the logline for my next release: Hayes and Hayes, by Kimia Wood. I haven’t talked about it much, because I don’t have a hard release date for it yet besides “soon, very soon”. Well, “soon” is now “sooner”, so I decided to share it with you. Continue reading

Trust: the Economics of Ebooks

IMG_7670 In this season of buying, selling, celebrating, advertising…I’d like to take a moment to talk about ebooks. The market of ebooks actually reveals some profound facets of our philosophy, and points to the worldview that underlies our actions.

From the prices of ebooks (for which I’ll direct you to Jordan Smith) to DRM (which I’ll explain in detail), how authors and readers interact matters – both to how readers view writers and their works, and to how writers are compensated for the toil and tears they put into creating their book.

Continue reading

NaNo First Chapter!

NaNo-2015-CertificateIf you’ve been curious about my recent blog silence, it’s because I’ve been furiously typing away for National Novel Writer’s Month – 50,000 words in 30 days. (I’ve also been moving across states, transferring to a new job, and adjusting to the related changes, but I digress.)

I’m happy to announce that, as of yesterday, I had 50,000 words laboriously typed out within the month of November, and together they make a more-or-less complete first draft of this year’s novel: [uh, still don’t have a stellar title for it]. Continue reading

Living Undead—#Called2Speak

What’s A Life Worth Living?


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I tend to dislike (perhaps unjustly) the “social justice” advocates – you know, the squeaky little soap-box dancers who seem to think just getting people to know about something will solve the problem (and so propound their lessons ad nauseum). (Or a hashtag. Seriously?! You think Boko Haram reads hashtags? They’re too busy running Nigerian Prince scams.)

As I said, this is likely an unjust characterization of many, who genuinely have a passionate cause close to their heart and want to share it honestly and faithfully. Continue reading

Meet My NaNoWriMo “Persona”

Get to Know (Part of) Me


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There’s a problem with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). And I don’t mean the write-50,000-words-in-30-days thing.

You’re not allowed to start until November 1. So you spend October outlining, planning, brainstorming, world-building. And being frustrated because you love your book so much but you can’t write a word YET.

In preparation for NaNoWriMo, I did something I haven’t done a lot: interview my characters. I had fun with this one, and I’m sharing it as an example (because who doesn’t love free examples?). Continue reading

Schedule Change

Dear Friends and Fellows,

I initially started posting my blog posts on Friday night/Saturday, because somewhere in the inter-sphere I’d heard that was the best time to post. Recently, however, I’ve read that Monday, before work, is a more-likely time for people to notice and read my content.

In the interests of being noticed, I’m planning to adjust my posting schedule to Monday mornings (or Sunday nights), for the convenience of my readers. Thus, you can expect my next installment (another book review) this next Monday.

Until then,

Kimia Wood