First Look: “Hayes & Hayes”

IMG_7031When a struggling PI gets the case of his life from a beautiful widow, he must reconcile his growing care for her with his dedication to his wheelchair-bound little brother.

Thus reads the logline for my next release: Hayes and Hayes, by Kimia Wood. I haven’t talked about it much, because I don’t have a hard release date for it yet besides “soon, very soon”. Well, “soon” is now “sooner”, so I decided to share it with you.

This book is very special to me. Not only did I get to research meth overdoses, DEA stings, and spinal cord injuries, but the theme of sibling relationships which it explores is very dear to me. Also, having a more familiar setting than my previous work Sons of the King (contemporary vs. medieval) means it was in some ways easier to write realistically. I’ve also grown as an author and a person, making this the best book I’ve written (so far😉).

It’s still undergoing a few final edits, but I’m excited to be able to share it with you, and the world, “soon”. (I’m also closer to an acceptable cover, but my sounding board has not been impressed. What do you think? Should I let go of my tenacity pride and outsource for this element?)

New H&H Cover3  New H&H Cover2

Interested in more? Here’s the new-and-improved back cover copy:

Just What Are the Limits of “Brotherly Love?”

Derek and Robbie Hayes are about as close as brothers can get. After all, they and Robbie’s wheelchair are all crammed into a one-bedroom apartment. It’s not just the floor space that’s cramped, though, as Derek struggles to support Robbie’s on-going medical expenses with his floundering PI career.

Then Derek gets a call from Cindy, a young widow who hires him to explain her husband’s death. Her husband just happens to be a DEA special agent recently found dead of a drug overdose in his own car. Despite the irony, Derek senses something more is happening, and determines to get to the bottom of it.

For that, he’ll need Robbie’s help cracking into the agent’s computer – an artful work of encryption and password-protection. Unfortunately, his brother has an attack of moodiness, and their inter-family communication breaks down. Is it any wonder Derek prefers to spend time with the lovely, intelligent, and understanding Cindy (and her solid, supportive church family, of course)?

As the mystery grows more tangled, Derek doesn’t realize how deep his relationship with her has grown. Is he finally on the verge of living his dream? Or is he about to lose everything that makes his life worth living?

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