Announcing: “Hayes and Hayes”

Clean Detective Romance (and Prizes, too)!

There’s a special kind of joy that accompanies completing a major project. A few weeks ago, I gave a sneak-peak of my mystery/relationship-drama novel Hayes and Hayes, and now I’m very proud to announce it’s DONE! (You can find it in multiple formats here…or keep reading to win a copy!)

Well, the final beta-reader has given their input, final tweaks have been made, formatting issues overcome and it’s HERE! Spinal cord injuries, illicit drugs, church potlucks, gangsters, policemen, heated sibling arguments, Lina Sandell hymns…I love this book and these characters so much, and I sincerely think you will, too!

Click here to read the first chapter

A little background:

The main characters sprang mostly formed from the mists that form the Spawning Pool of my imagination. Derek and Robbie Hayes are two brothers sharing a one-bedroom apartment, and (for the most part) they like it that way.

Then I got the idea for Cindy Lane, a young lady asking Derek to investigate her husband’s disappearance/death. Despite the scathing disapproval I often have for romance, the most natural thing to happen when you have a man and a woman meet is for them to fall in love. Right? Thus, I had to make Cindy’s husband truly, verifiably dead.

As for the meth-gang mystery, that idea came from an article I read about meth stings the DEA was running (probably while researching illegal drugs for literary reasons…) Street drugs are basically a form of poison, and who doesn’t like a little poison, right?

Enough of that. Giveaways are fun (I’ve entered several myself) and so I hope you’ll join me in celebrating this release by entering below!


Please choose between the variegated acrylic and pink&blue 25/75 wool/acrylic blend — both machine-washable.


The DVDs are Region 1 – US and Canada

—The first place prize is a signed copy of Hayes and Hayes, plus a DVD set of Columbo (Season 3), and a knitted ebook cozy handmade by yours truly.






Nook NOT included!

—The second place prize is a signed copy of Hayes and Hayes and the other ebook cozy (If you both want the same color, I might be persuaded to whip out a second-edition cozy😉. Knitting delay of a week or so.)

—Third place prize is a signed copy of the book. What more do you need? 😛

All you have to do is enter with the widget below!

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Hayes and Hayes is also debuting at a special low price, so if you don’t get lucky you can always just try out the ebook for 99¢!

2 thoughts on “Announcing: “Hayes and Hayes”

  1. Kimia! This is a lot of fun, trying for the prize! 🙂 Thanks for the diversion from school! Now as to the topic…What’s a great mystery/detective novel you’ve enjoyed? Any favorite authors?

    I always love me some Sherlock and Conan Doyle, but a really interesting science mystery I read was called Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer. It was set in the near future with genetic engineering in the heroine. Also a lot of action-adventure with red herrings and a happy ending!! If by any chance you ever get to read it, I’d love to see a review! 😀

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