Vote DESTINY 2016!

With the clock counting down to the U.S. election, many are in a tizzy over who to vote for in November.


The post apocalypse: when most problems can be solved with a bigger gun. Or a rocket launcher.

Not me. I’ve got my ticket – right down to what cabinet assignments I’d make. So, without further ado, here’s the presidential ticket we need to put America back on track:

President — Zavala


“One victory is not enough. Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the dark.”

The Titan member of the Vanguard has great experience leading, overcoming enemies, and developing strategies with the other two members of the Vanguard. He also has a good track record of humility and learning from his mistakes, proving him to be strong of character, not just of body and skill.

If ISIS or Iran tries to make trouble, Zavala has the muscle – and the wisdom – to deal with it confidently, positively, and decisively.

He also has the integrity of character to lead other Guardians and citizens to look up to him. When you’re united in an epic battle against the Darkness for the survival of humanity, petty squabbles about affirmative action quotas of Human/Awoken/Exo/Fallen fall by the wayside.

Vice-President — Cayde-6


“Hey, Zavala – wanna know what a fence on the Mexican border looks like? … Oh, right. Can I have authorization?”

To keep Zavala on his toes, the vice president should be Hunter Cayde-6, also of the Vanguard. His personable demeanor and “can-do” spirit will be invaluable in a PR capacity…if we can keep him there.

He might, however, start exercising his right to preside over the Senate, leading to interesting complications for Zavala. When it comes to the good of the population, though, Cayde’s loyalties are clear, and he will do anything in his power – even putting himself on the front line – to do what needs to be done.

Actually…he’d just rather be on the front line. But doing what needs to be done takes precedence.

Secretary of State — Eris Morn


Image credit: Destinypedia — Yes, she has three eyes. They weren’t originally hers.


While her strategic skills and inside knowledge of her enemies make her an invaluable member of the Tower, I anticipate Eris being a strong asset in our international and internal negotiations. Observe:

“You’re at an impasse with President Zavala? Very well, Ambassador; we’ll call in the Secretary of State.”

[foreign accent] “No, no, not necessary! We accept your terms, very nice, thank you!”


The United States bows to no one.

Secretary of Defense — Mara Sov


Image credit: Destinypedia

Accustomed to being Queen of the Awoken, Mara will likely find acting under Zavala odious. But her military prowess and individual talents for leveling enemies will prove invaluable should a conflict arise, and her domineering tendencies will need to be held in check by the “greater-good” oriented Zavala.

Plus she’s just awesome. If Iran, China, or Russia try anything, she’ll have what it takes to make them “all bow before her.”

Head of the CIA — Ikora Rey

300px-grimoire_ikora_rey As the Warlock member of the Vanguard, Ikora is wise, skilled, and knows the value of information. The Warlocks’ style of combat and worldview revolve around acquiring and using knowledge, making Ikora an obvious choice for the key roles in our intelligence network.

National Security Administration — Master Rahool


“Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say.”

A Cryptarch who works for the Guardians of the city to decrypt loot and make weapons and armor useful, this Awoken would be a valuable asset as part in our intelligence network. His loyalty to the Tower and humanity is also unquestioned.


Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms — Banshee-44


“Nice marks on your armor. Never seen them before. What made them?”

While this Exo looks almost as weird as Eris Morn, his weapon-smithing skills are unsurpassed, making him an excellent choice for keeping our military personnel (and our citizenry!) supplied with active-camoflage-granting-sniper-rifles, rocket-launching-hand-cannons, and the like.



Amanda Holiday


Image credit: Destinypedia

This one is more of an honorable mention. While Amanda Holiday’s administrative skills aren’t where she shines, her mechanical skills make her invaluable to the Guardians of the Tower — in recognition, we should let her fly Air Force One!

If we put these guys in charge, we’d be a very different country in no time! Not only would we keep the Cabal and Taken Russians and Islamists at bay, but we could learn from the factions of the Tower about how to not kill each other: the New Monarchy (reestablish Human/Tower supremacy and the golden age) and Dead Orbit (flee and scatter your eggs/offspring in multiple baskets) have very different views about how to keep the Darkness from destroying the Light, but since they both agree on the basics, they can work together to, ‘hem, kick alien butt. And when President Zavala calls, they all bring their ships to the defense of the Tower.

Mark your ballots: #ZavalaCayde2016!

Kimia Wood has been writing stories since she was little, and watching her dad play computer games for almost as long.

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