7 Thank-yous

Behold: seven things I’m thankful for in this season of gratitude!

  1. Jesus died to take the punishment for my sins, then rose again, paving the way for me to be adopted as God’s child and received new life in my soul. Nothing compares with that mystery…
  2. My parents. They love me sacrificially, protect me, challenge me, and spur me to maturity. No apologies – my parents are the best.
  3. My brother — he’s my polar opposite in so many ways, but he’s my brother, and I would die before I saw him come to physical or spiritual harm. That’s why I lecture him so much – just ask him 😉20161103_164710
    Like with God’s love, it’s really something you have to see to understand, but once you’ve seen it it never lets go of you.
  4. Writing. Sometimes, I have trouble imaging what people do whose lives aren’t wrapped up in 1) experiencing stories (in games/books/movies/history), 2) discussing those stories and the characters/themes/theology/psychology they manifest, and 3) inventing our own tales as a family.
    I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  5. My country. I recognize that America has some deep fault lines (that I believe are on the point of fracturing in the very near future), but it’s still one of the freest countries in the world, and I am grateful to live in such a prosperous, friendly, free nation.
  6. Cats. I realize not everyone agrees with me, but there’s just something about a rumbling cat curled in your lap on a cold day, or a warm ball of fluff nestled at your feet at night…
  7. Dogs. Our family got our first dog this year, and it’s been a great learning experience as we come to understand how to communicate with him in “dog” – and compare our interactions with his limited dog-mind to our interactions with the Infinite One who made the universe with His words, yet still likes to speak with us.
    Can you say mind-bending?
    (Also, the dog is cute and gets very excited when we come to walk him. How can you not appreciate that?)imgp6210

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