Safely “home” from Mitrik.

Keom and Ronhass are living in the woods, though, because the dragon eggs hatched. They…are smaller than I feared…the dragons, that is. Ronhass seems a bit in shock — he says they refuse to go to sleep unless he is present somehow, usually singing to them. Ezekiel and Raven went around to the shepherds making sure we would have plenty to feed them…good thing we didn’t spend all of our money in town!

I did buy my own personal bag-of-holding, to keep my junk and back-up gear in. You never know when you might need to take off at a moment’s notice and spend weeks in the woods.

Master Osler says some wizard guy has arrived in town and seems anxious to speak with us. We’re having dinner with him tonight, so we’ll see what it’s all about. I know we’re famous and stuff now, but it still feels funny to me…

Spent the afternoon organizing our chest of junk. Is Ezekiel really ever going to do anything with this bundle of harpy feathers?

*[end of manuscript]*

Found in the belongings of my friend and loyal customer Elwyn the Ranger. No one in town has seen any of their party since last night. In investigating their belongings, I found their beds had not been slept in.

It’s not at all unusual for them to set out for other parts on short notice, or even to be absent for days on end…but they are usually very good about communicating with me or my staff, especially when we need to take care of their animals, and they are famous for their “setting out” breakfasts. Elwyn’s pet weasel had almost chewed his way through the door of their room, which only adds to my unease.

A will, also found in Elwyn’s belongings, divides his wealth among myself, Master Elmo the constable’s son, and an innkeeper in some place called Orlane (after a sizeable legacy for his man-at-arms). Despite the inn’s need to renovate the stable, I hope nothing terrible has happened to them.

I suppose I am getting paranoid in my old age.

–Master Ostler, owner and keeper of the Welcome Wench

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