Dear Diary…battle plans

Alert: May contain spoilers for the adventure “Scourge of the Slave Lords”

Last evening we asked the village chief some more about the actual attack – and about the village of these gnoll-wannabes. He sketched out the rough geography in the dirt.


Sounds like there’s a fort, which is likely where they keep the prisoners…but to get to it, we have to come down the hill, cross a valley with “many, many, too many for us” flind, and also a small river that we’ll have to cross somehow (though he did say something about bridges).

We tossed ideas around a bit, and finally decided:

Mikael and Raven will sneak to the fort and open the gate. Mikael really, really wants to cause a storm and call lightening, so he can find a quiet place to do that while Raven slinks around and lets us in. We talked about the giant ebony flies, but those are kinda conspicuous…so they’ll probably use the potion of invisibility and a rope of climbing (turns out it was really handy we grabbed our stuff from Homlette).

Meanwhile, Heiron, Agnar, and I are supposed to carve a bloody path through the flind valley so we can charge up to the fort and rescue the prisoners when Raven lets us in. Agnar sounds excited.

Finally, Ezekiel and Lydia will find a good place to set up the instant-fortress as a safe retreat to bring the prisoners to, with the half-orc to guard the door and open it for people (he’s more intimidating in his new armor, but he’s still pretty easy to tip over).

Oh, yes. The men of the village said that, while they weren’t strong enough to attack the flinds directly, they could provide a ruckus and distraction farther up the river. That’ll cover for Raven and Mikael’s infiltration, and maybe even draw off some of their forces to make our frontal assault easier.

I have asked Ehlonna for guidance and strength. Some might think her power to be at a low ebb this time of year, with the trees all but naked and the grass brown beneath our feet…but I still feel her presence. I know that, if I needed it, the very thistles and weeds would rise to my aid.

Will spend some time today searching Tain’s journal. I don’t remember ever seeing a gnoll cast a spell, but I’m always learning new things. I do remember seeing something about gnoll poison, and I want to brush up on the specifics. Good thing we have plenty of Keoghtim’s ointment.

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