Dear Diary…our new friend

Alert: May contain spoilers for the adventure “Into the Fire”

Our new friend calls himself Sirion Tidewater, and says he follows “the Dweller on the Horizon” – Ezekiel seemed to recognize who that was. He says he’s been all over the Flaneas at one time or another, and he looks mature enough even for an elf he could have done it.

Ezekiel mentioned Aliana, and he seemed to recognize her, too – sounded like a proud uncle or something, glad the little thing turned out well (though I don’t think they’re actually related; funny to think how elves think about each other).

He complimented the food – so that put him on Raven’s good side. He said he was in these mountains when he was young, traveling with his father, and there was a white dragon in these parts back then. He says he came to see how it turned out when it grew up, basically, and see if it still lived here. I don’t think it could have taken out our party of knights, but Ezekiel invited Sirion to help us investigate our problem anyway. If we’re poking our noses in places they shouldn’t be up here, we just might run into a dragon…


Spotted smoke from campfires about noon today. Sirion invited me to scout with him, but Mikael kept an eye on us from the air (oh, Sirion can turn into a hawk, too. I guess when you have the time of an elf, you can learn just about everything).

Just over the next ridge is a camp of about seventy men. Some of them are wearing uniforms, but from all different kingdoms – mostly Bissel, Ket, that kind of thing. And no banners in front of any of their patchwork tents.

If Father Joseph was worried about an invasion, this force might give the fort some trouble.

Now we have to vote how to deal with them. Ezekiel wants to try diplomacy, but I think it would be safer to spy on them first. The deep snow is going to make that harder, though.

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