The Short Version:Biography — Kimia Wood — Kimia

Kimia grew up under an aspiring author, so weaving words and spinning plots is in her blood.

The child of missionary parents, she currently lives with her family somewhere in the American midwest, bracing for the collapse of society by baking, knitting, writing…and other excuses for not gardening.

You can find her most often on Twitter, sometimes on Facebook, and occasionally on Goodreads.

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The Long Version:

Biography — Kimia Wood — Kimia Kimia Wood was born in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, the child of short-term missionaries. Although her parents both grew up on the mission field, she spent her childhood in the American midwest. She has visited other areas of the world, including Great Britain, the Philippines, and Cameroon, western Africa.

While obtaining her homeschool education, she enjoyed math, fiction writing, art, and physics. She went on to obtain her Associate of Arts degree with a cumulative GPA of 4.0 (yes, she’s a first-born child with a perfectionist streak and OCD tendencies).

While she was growing up, her parents read aloud such diverse things as Little House on the Prairie, The Lord of the Rings, Watership Down, G. A. Henty, and The Color of Magic. This has informed her own unique storytelling.

Kimia has been writing stories since she was little. At least once, she even wrote a story using the words she’d missed on her spelling test. Now, she writes to give the characters in her head a chance at life, and to create beautiful things with words.

She currently works a part-time job and fills her free time with knitting, movies, Twitter (@KimiaTheAuthor), walking the dog, and writing.

When she was about four years old, she asked Jesus to be her Savior, because she was afraid of Hell. It was several years afterward that He started spiritual house-cleaning, and throwing out her soul’s ugly furniture. Now, instead of a thief and self-worshiping coward, she’s an adopted daughter of God, dressed in Jesus’ righteousness and continually reforged to be more like Him.

Perfect? No. Pretty? Not always. Forgiven and loved? Absolutely.

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  1. Hi Kimia! Hope you all are well! We were near your neck of the woods last month (maybe?)..anyway, sign me up for your letters 🙂 Love to all of you

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