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No matter which of Kimia’s books you read, you’ll find an emphasis on family relationships, “what-if” questions, and a God-centered worldview.

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Transmutation of Shadow

Everyone thinks I’m a murderer just because I killed somebody…Books and Works in Progress — Kimia Wood

Eric likes his job. Why not? He’s very good at it.

Sure, he’s killing people; but they’re bad people. Someone has to stop them and protect the rest of society. And with his amplified abilities, his agency has a track record of always taking out the right targets – and no one else.

Until the night he follows his tactical Heads-Up into a room…and discovers his target is a seven-year-old boy.

As his faith in the system crumbles, his protests to his handler yield no answers.

When Eric finds everyone he used to work with shooting at him, he has no choice but to dig for the truth on his own.

He was always one of the “good guys”. What’s going on? He’s determined to keep protecting the innocent…but can he?

And which is he – innocent? Or guilty? Is there “redemption” for someone like him?

It’s all a moot point, of course, if he doesn’t live through the day.

As exciting as The Matrix, as adorable as One-Punch ManTransmutation of Shadow is the pulse-pounding, heart-touching adventure you’ve been waiting for!

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White Mesa Chronicles

(Follow the link above for the latest on the next books in the series, and draft info. Follow the book links below for more info about each individual adventure.)Books and Works in Progress — Kimia Wood

Fifty years after the collapse, the gangs fight in the waste of the city for survival and resources, while a rising city-state tries to define its own version of “progress.”

It’s safer in White Mesa – the place that saw it coming. There, a God-centered worldview encourages personal responsibility and the value of human life…all human life…even the zombies.


A simple scavenge mission spirals out of control when Tommy’s team is attacked by gangsters. Can he rescue his first ever mission as team leader – not to mention his teammates?

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While spying on a new settlement in the city – the New Republic – Tommy wonders why they have so many feral-bit. By the time he finds out, it might be too late…

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Ben infiltrates the New Republic for vital information on their zombie program. When he’s captured, can Tommy get him out before he’s killed by the Republic’s primitive criminal justice?

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Books and Works-in-Progress — Kimia Wood

Original image of Chicago skyline courtesy of Tyler Sichelski/Wikimedia Commons

Desperate to make his life his own, Ricco abandons White Mesa and joins the New Republic. How could he have imagined the events this will set in motion – events that might force the two settlements into confrontation?

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When Dr. Joanna is separated from her team in the city, she meets a new “gang” that seems very civilized. But are they what they seem? Will she ever see her husband and son again?

Hayes and Hayes

Books and Works in Progress — Kimia WoodA broke private investigator needs the help of his paraplegic younger brother the solve the death of a government agent for the agent’s beautiful widow.

Derek and Robbie Hayes are about as close as brothers can get. After all, they and Robbie’s wheelchair are all crammed into a one-bedroom apartment. It’s not just the floor space that’s cramped, though, as Derek struggles to support Robbie’s on-going medical expenses with his floundering PI career.

Then Derek gets a call from a young widow who hires him to explain her husband’s death. Her husband just happens to be a Drug Enforcement Administration special agent recently found dead of a drug overdose in his own car. Not something you’d expect of a “happy married” church attender.

Despite the irony, Derek senses something more is happening, and determines to get to the bottom of it.

For that, he’ll need Robbie’s help cracking into the agent’s computer – an artful work of encryption and password-protection.

But relationships are never simple (even when you’ve got a solid, supportive church family). The agent’s death might also be more complex than Derek imagined.

Is he finally on the verge of living his dream? Or is he about to lose everything that makes his life worth living?

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Sons of the KingBooks and Works in Progress — Kimia Wood

A driven young man’s quest for justice is transformed by a change night-time encounter with his greatest rival…

Edward is a tenacious young man bent on avenging his father’s murder. If only he had a workable plan for how to go about it!

Hector is a prince and the heir-apparent to the throne. His secret knowledge won’t let him smile.

Morcar is a king with an interest in poison. He’s terrified someone will use it on him one day.

Eleanor is a queen who dearly loves her two daughters. What will happen when she gives birth to her next child?

Step into the ninth century and explore a world where kings have the God-ordained duty to punish murderers…a woman barters her own self-worth to protect her children…and the apathetic, do-nothing crown prince is much more than he seems.

Available on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle ebook (borrow for free with Kindle Unlimited!)

Also available in paperback from Barnes & Noble!

Books and Works in Progress — Kimia WoodKimia Wood was raised by an aspiring author, so spinning words and weaving plots is in her blood.
The child of missionary kids, she currently lives somewhere in the American midwest…bracing for the collapse of society by baking, knitting, writing, hobby-farming, and reading as much Twitter as possible before the web goes dark.

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