Sons of the King


Power and fear.
Murder and sacrifice.
Family and justice.

Edward is a tenacious young man bent on avenging his father’s murder. If only he had a workable plan for how to go about it!

Hector is a prince and the heir-apparent to the throne. His secret knowledge won’t let him smile.

Morcar is a king with an interest in poison. He’s terrified someone will use it on him one day.

Eleanor is a queen who dearly loves her two daughters. What will happen when she gives birth to her next child?

Step into the ninth century, and explore a world where kings have the God-ordained duty to punish murderers, a woman barters her own self-worth to protect her children, and the apathetic, do-nothing crown prince is much more than he seems.

Now available in print and ebook versions on “Look Inside”, or borrow for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Also available in paperback from Barnes & Noble!

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