The Ranger of Smylt

The Ranger of Smylt - Kimia Wood Author

Fourteen-year-old Jarin finds a badly wounded man in the woods, and takes him in. Little does he suspect the stranger is a Level 12 Ranger Lord, and his simple act of kindness could be the key to saving his entire hometown.

In a small village that doesn’t even appear on the maps of the Flanaess, a struggle of life and death is about to unfold. And it all starts with the friendship between a boy who wants to be more, and a world-famous hero who seems to have gotten lost…

Do you like slow-burn stories, D&D-inspired fantasy, raw battle scenes, and laugh-out-loud side characters? Spend your next lazy Saturday with The Ranger of Smylt!

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Cover font is Eagle Lake, by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute