Transmutation of Shadow

 Eric likes his job. Why not? He’s very good at it.

Sure, he’s killing people; but they’re bad people. Someone has to stop them and protect the rest of society. And with his amplified abilities, his agency has a track record of always taking out the right targets – and no one else.

Until the night he follows his tactical Heads-Up into a room…and discovers his target is a seven-year-old boy.

As his faith in the system crumbles, his protests to his handler yield no answers.

When Eric finds everyone he used to work with shooting at him, he has no choice but to dig for the truth on his own.

He was always one of the “good guys”. What’s going on? He’s determined to keep protecting the innocent…but can he?

And which is he – innocent? Or guilty? Is there “redemption” for someone like him?

It’s all a moot point, of course, if he doesn’t live through the day.

As exciting as The Matrix, as adorable as One-Punch Man, Transmutation of Shadow is the pulse-pounding, heart-touching adventure you’ve been waiting for!

Image of lightening is by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash.

Font is League Gothic.