This errata sheet indicates changes in the ebook version as of August 2016 (Smashwords) and in all versions as of December 2016 (Amazon). Page numbers reflect the print version:

(with credit to Rev. J. David Wood)

all uses of “coke” or “Coke” standardized to “Coke” pp. 1, 30, 34, 38, 62, 91, 92, 95, 174

all uses of ziplock/zip-lock standardized to “ziplock” and of tupperware to “tupperware”

p. 1 “diet Coke from the fridge” changed to “Diet Coke from the fridge”

p. 4 “cards I handed out that night are every going to do anything for me” changed to “…are ever going to do anything…”

p. 5 “I was his wife, for goodness’s sake.” changed to “…, for goodness’ sake.”

p. 45 “youtube” changed to “YouTube”

p. 58 “Derek pulled Brian’s computer out of the bag and lay it down,” changed to “…laid it down,”

p. 63 “She needs her own life, for goodness’s sake.” changed to “…, for goodness’ sake.”

p. 69 “Chairs rustles and scraped” changed to “Chairs rustled and scraped”

p. 75 “while he poured over the field reports” changed to “…pored over…”

p. 76 “Derek met her gaze, nodding seriously.” changed to “She found Derek meeting her gaze, nodding seriously.”

p. 88 “Robbie listened…, and laid down.” changed to “…, and lay down.”

p. 101 “get my husband’s memory exonerated” changed to “…husband’s memory cleared”

p. 109 “Nice to run in to you.” changed to “Nice to run into you.”

p. 136 “sliding in into his trunk” changed to “sliding it into his trunk”

p. 141 “watching the break-lights of the cars” changed to “…brake-lights of the cars”

p. 144 “Derek put his feet back on the ground and sighed.” changed to “Derek sighed.”

p. 145 “a prosecuting attorney could, I couldn’t.” changed to “…attorney could; I couldn’t.”

p. 147 “that one day trip to the lake” changed to “that day trip to the lake”

p. 154 “Where and when?” changed to “When?”

p. 160 “A tie! Oh, heaven preserve us.” changed to “A tie! Oh, heaven preserve us.

p. 182 “stereotyped private eye” changed to “stereotypical private eye”

p. 190 “running a 100 miles an hour” changed to “running 100 miles an hour”

p. 190 “as his fist closed on Derek’s shirt” changed to “as he closed his fist on Derek’s shirt”

p. 227 “appreciate you divulging it” changed to “appreciate your divulging it”

p. 228 “It’s my husband, for goodness sake,” changed to “…, for goodness’ sake,

p. 233 “the Marshals are going” changed to “the Marshalls are going”