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The publication date of White Mesa Chronicles Book 1: Soldier is upon us! To celebrate, I’d like you to meet some of the principal players!

White Mesa has one of the largest casts I’ve written (necessarily, being a series) and it took me quite a few drafts to get all their personalities nailed down. It was fun getting to know them, though!

In the effort to refine the characters’ essence, and make them not identical to myself 😊, I’ve used a number of character types and writer tricks. See what you think!

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Thomas “Tommy” Thaxton

  • Family: General Michael Thaxton (member of the WM security council) and Dr. Joanna Thaxton (missing, presumed dead). No siblings.
  • Glass is 🍵 half-full or half-empty?: Half a cup only comes to a quarter-cup of water for each of us, but you can have my share because…you know…that’s the right thing to do…
  • Temperament: Melancholic
  • Favorite book/movie/TV show: That Hideous Strength, C.S. Lewis; Columbo
  • Destiny Class: Sun-singer Warlock (Knowledge) [New Monarchy]
  • D&D/WoW Class: Paladin [DPS]  Alignment: Lawful Good
  • StarCraft race: Terran
  • Strengths: Sniping, Charisma, Compassion;  Fears: Heights, Failure
  • Favorite means of transportation: truck or bicycle

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Ben McConnell

  • Family: Parents are farmers on the periphery of White Mesa. Has one older sister (married), three younger sisters (who all adore him).
  • Glass is 🍵: Only half full, but I’m sure we can get more.
  • Temperament: Phlegmatic
  • Favorite book/movie: Hardy Boys/Chronicles of Narnia
  • Destiny Class: Sunbreaker Titan (Strength and Defense) [New Monarchy]
  • D&D/WoW Class: Warrior [Tank] Alignment:  Neutral Good
  • StarCraft race: random (doesn’t matter)
  • Strengths: Muscle, Confidence, Focus;  Fears: Small spaces
  • Favorite means of transportation: “Let me walk; I won’t get tired, and that way we can see the beautiful scenery.”

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Ricco Dobson

  • Family: Mother is Fortuna, a former gangster from the Hornets. Adoptive father is Reuben Dobson, who married Fortuna when she moved to WM. Has two younger sisters and a younger brother.
  • Glass is 🍵: I drank it already. Is that bad?
  • Temperament: Choleric
  • Favorite book/movie: Sneaky Uses For Everyday Things, Cy Tymony
  • Destiny Class: Striker Titan (front line tank) [Future War Cult]
  • D&D/WoW Class: Barbarian/Warrior [Tank]  Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • StarCraft race: Zerg rush!
  • Strengths: Determination, Loyalty;  Fears: Rejection
  • Favorite means of transportation: MOTORCYCLE

I just want to help. (Image from Pixabay)

Sam Parker

  • Family: Father is a blacksmith, mother is a medical doctor. Has two younger brothers (Matthias and TC).
  • Glass is 🍵: There’s – There’s something floating in it.
  • Temperament: Melancholic
  • Favorite book/movie: Watership Down, Richard Adams
  • Destiny Class: Nightstalker Hunter (strike from the shadows, never let them see you) [Dead Orbit]
  • D&D/WoW Class: Priest [Healer]  Alignment: Lawful Good
  • StarCraft race: Terran
  • Strengths: Loyalty, Focus, Humility;  Fears: Blood
  • Favorite means of transportation: Bicycle

Mephibosheth Davis

  • Family: His mother (Rebecca Davis) is Reuben Dobson’s sister, making him Ricco’s cousin
  • Glass is 🍵: *dumps it down someone’s back, then realizes the someone is Tommy*
  • Temperament: Sanguine
  • Favorite book/movie: Actually I mostly play games…
  • Destiny Class: Warlock [New Monarchy]
  • D&D/WoW Class: Hunter [DPS]  Alignment: Neutral Good
  • StarCraft race: Prepare to meet my carrier – YOU NUKED MY CARRIER FLEET!
  • Strengths: Loyalty, Cheerfulness, Amiability;  Fears: Indecision, In-the-Limelight
  • Favorite means of transportation: “Just put me on the back of whatever Ricco’s driving…”

Who sounds like your favorite character? Who sounds the most like you? Can you guess which one is me 😜?

Kimia Wood grew up under an aspiring writer, so

Image from Starcraft.wikia

weaving words and spinning plots is in her blood. She currently lives with her family somewhere in the American Midwest bracing for the collapse of society by writing books…because that’s more fun than gardening.

Terran. Mage. Dead Orbit. And I get inordinately irritated when people take my cup before I’m done with it 🍵

White Mesa Chronicles Book 1: Soldier is now available for your reading pleasure! Find out about one scavenge mission that didn’t at all go as planned…

You can find it in ebook and paperback on Amazon, or in all digital formats on Smashwords!

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